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          Proudly serving teachers, students and researchers for over 20 years!

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          Servicing teachers, students and researchers for over 20 years!

          This is the download page for MaxTRAQ Educational (ME) motion analysis software, which is the companion software for;



          Third Edition


          MaxTRAQ Educational (ME) is a scaled down version of our MaxTRAQ Lite+ (ML+). Both modules are extremely easy to use, intuitive and provide quantitative/qualitative analysis.


          Use ME as the companion software to your course textbook. If you want to purchase MaxTRAQ Lite+ after completing your course, please visit our web site purchase page.


          For more information, please follow the links below.


           Send any questions or inquiries via e-mail to support@motionanalysisproducts.com. If you need assistance, please provide information on the platform and operating system you use, the type of question you have, the exact text of the error message received, where in the program the error was received, and any steps you may have already taken to fix the problem. For many questions, it may be best to begin by working with your professor or a fellow student who has successfully used the software.


          More to Explore. MaxTRAQ MoCap.




          BOOK DOWNLOADS-MaxTRAQ Educational:

          MaxTRAQ Lite+ for those who want to purchase after the course is completed:

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