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          MaxTRAQ2D package


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          MaxTRAQ Lite Plus

          MaxTRAQ Lite+ / ieBooks

          MaxTRAQ Lite+ is a manual tracker that is easy to use and intuitive. Used worldwide in classrooms and in research.

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          MaxTRAQ Education

          MaxTRAQ Eductional - Book list
          (as seen in course books)

          Scaled down version of ML+. Seen in many books such as; "The Biomechanical Basis of Human Movement" by Dr. Hamill & Dr. Knutzen "Basic Biomechanics" by Dr. Hall and soon to be released Dr. McGinnis "Biomechanics of Sport Exercise."

          Books that incl. MaxTRAQ Ed
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          Feature Educational Lite+


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          Manual Digitizing

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          Video Recorder

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          Simple Script

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          MaxTRAQ includes tools such as angles, distances, notes, stick figures, traces and scales. Analysis includes distances, angles, center of mass, etc. For more in depth analysis tools we suggest our MaxMate (MM) or Visual 3D software.

          Manual Digitizing & Auto Tracking

          MaxTRAQ is a manual or automatic digitizer that can be used to extract kinematic properties out of standard AVI files. The manual digitizing feature is used in applications where markers are not an option or not required. MaxTRAQ 2D has both manual and auto tracking. You can go through frame by frame to look at angles, distance between points, etc. The automatic “advance to the next frame” in M2 feature makes the task of manually tracking each marker much easier or just have MaxTRAQ 2D do the work for you with the auto tracking feature.

          Video Recorder

          A Video Recorder has been added to allow you to record videos from Direct Show compatible cameras such as camcorders and webcams. To access the recorder, use File-New-Recording.

          Simple Script

          A simple scripting feature has been added. This allows you to control MaxTRAQ by putting commands in a text file. A Repeat command has been included to allow batch recording/processing. All the script commands are also available as special hyperlink commands (see Widgets).

          Widgets/Wizard Applications

          New feature called Widgets has been added to MaxTRAQ. These widgets are mini applications that are attached to the MaxTRAQ window. They can be displayed or hidden and can be attached to any of the 4 sides of the window. Current Widget Applications include: aCalendar, theWiz, aCalculator, myNotes, eventREC.



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